The Drawing Exercise Awry Part 35

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Human figures are usually drawn about eight heads high. That is the “ideal” height of the human figure.

More Weekend Doodles

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While I was down in Portland I got a book on doodling which is supposed to help boost your creativity. Here are some of the exercises:



Weekend Sketch

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The Drawing Exercise Awry Part 34

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Two symmetrical ellipses and two lines connecting them…..from that a cylinder is made.


(The week this was created was the week I was getting ready to leave for Portland, next week’s will be better, bare with me)

Doodling in my Hotel Room

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This was part of an exercise from a doodle book that I got. It wanted you to fill in the rest of the pattern and then expand it from there.

The exercise :


The finished doodle:


Daily Sketch: Spiders

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The Drawing Exercise Awry Part 33

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