Another Work in Progress

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Let it be known that once I get back from the convention this weekend, I will be finishing these and posting the final products.


Work in Progress

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Sure, I’ll call this a work in progress and not me taking a picture so that I can get a watercolour pencil that is approximately the right shade….

Wednesday Artwork

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The Last Minute Doodle Post

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I realise that each of my posts should be well thought out and carefully considered. But apparently I’m a posting junkie. I felt weird about missing a Wednesday so I created this owl doodle.

Tedieval Concept Sketches

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For the above picture, it was basically a recreation of the Atlas and Axis cover. My plan was to ape the background shorthand of Pau.

The above picture is a character concept for one of the antagonists. I’m going to call them Mau the Egyptian Magic-User.

This final picture is a failed attempt at the elusive Bunny Liche Lord. He has too much Liche and not enough bunny. The art style doesn’t fit with the rest of the art I want to put into the story.

Getting Some Background

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Once again I am going to show you panels of art that I am working on for one of my comics instead of doing another Drawing Lesson Awry:

Fever Sketches

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It’s Dungeonheart the Owlbear!

(Because I was watching waaaay too much Tabletop while I was sick last week and for some reason when I get feverish, Carebears come into play)