Not what I was looking for

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Not the art I was planning on drawing. But posted here anyway.

Tragically Hip

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For those of you not in Canada, many of us Canadians have this group that we grew up with, called the Tragically Hip. They wrote a lot of thought provoking songs and heralded the alternative music scene here in Canada.

This year, they announced a tour along with the upsetting news that their lead singer was diagnosed with terminal cancer and that this would be his last tour. Proceeds from the tickets were to go to cancer research.

As soon as the tickets were released, bots swarmed and snatched up most of the tickets. Meaning that most Canadians wouldn’t be able to see the concert unless they went to a scalper and paid exorbitant fees.

That’s when the Canadian Broadcast Channel (CBC) saved the day and announced that they would broadcast the concert so that all Canadians everywhere would be able to say good bye.

And so, we are.

Napkin Sketches

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These were drawn the night before I left Calgary at the When Words Collide Dead Dog party.

It’s Been Too Long!

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Hi guys! I’m so sorry that I’ve been away for so long! I’m currently struggling with trying to get a new work schedule together. Unfortunately, I have to work on making sure that this site gets updated. Please bare with me while I try to get this happening.

In the meantime, have a hastily put together elf!


Warm Up Sketches

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Have Some Doodles While You Wait For Comics

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How I Feel Today…

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I’ve often told people that I have self-perception problems, this is how I feel today:


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