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Vancouver Comic and Toy Show – June Edition

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Commission sketch done for a happy customer:

Alien Skies

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Thistles, fairies and progress

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I haven’t really been posting here much because I really don’t like photos of paintings. But over the next little while, I’ll be posting the paintings that I’ve completed over the past few weeks.

Here’s one that I finished up this weekend:

Dragon Cat

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Because I wanted to see what a cat would look like with scales and wings, that’s why!

Shameless Self-promotion

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I was on a podcast!

Just Joshin’ is a podcast about literature and pursuing dreams. Joshua Pantalleresco talks about current happenings in his career and interviews authors, comic creators and more.

I had a lot of fun talking with Josh and we spoke about everything from the creative process to gaming.

Here is a link to the episode: Just Joshin’ Podcast

More Sketching this Evening

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Fan Expo Commissions and Sketches

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The top two were commissions and the last one was just me relaxing.