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Pencil Test Part 2

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I’ve decided to show you the other extreme, which is 8B. I’ve shaded beside the 10H pencil marks in order to compare. Again, you make have difficulty seeing the 10H shading but take a look and consider the 8B shading. This shading was accomplished without applying any pressure to the paper.

If you are finding that you are either trying to barely put your pencil to the paper in order to achieve a light line weight, or you are pressing your pencil to the breaking point to achieve heavier line weights, look at changing what type of pencil you are using. Remember B is heavier and His lighter!


Pencil Test

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Can you see the shading on the paper? You have to look very carefully. It looks like I erased something on the paper, but that is actually the weight of a 10H pencil. The pencil mark is so slight that you can barely see it.

Like I said in my previous post, this pencil is a ideal for drawing guidelines before you work on defining your illustration.

Art Supplies!

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My office manager went back to visit her family in the Czech Republic. While she was there, I asked if she could pick me up some pencils. She bought a set for me, one of each that they had in the store!

Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with artist pencils, they come in a variance of soft to hard leads. In the instance of this set, 8B would have the softest lead and 10H would have the hardest lead.

Soft lead pencils tend to be darker but because the lead is softer it smudges easily and can be readily blended.

Hard lead pencils are much lighter, but are extremely hard and therefore have a tendency to leave grooves in the paper. In fact, they have the nickname of paper shredders as they have also be known to rip paper when used by an unsuspecting artist. They are generally used for light drafting of artwork before you put down the darker, more defined lines.

(Koh-I-Noor is a well known brand of pencils which originated in the Czech Republic, more on that in another post!)

The Drawing Exercise Awry 2017 – Part 1

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