This site has gone on for too long without a post. Sorry about that everyone! I normally don’t do many written posts on this site, that’s because this has kind of turned into mostly an art/comics site. But this year, I think I’m going to start speaking a bit more about my process and what I’m working on in general.

I’ve been spinning many plates lately, but the projects that are most pressing at the moment are Isaac’s Run (which updates once a month), Isaac & Lee #9 (which will make it’s debut at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo), my submission for the Calgary Artbook, critiquing a novel, and beginning to edit/potentially reconstruct one of my father’s novels.

Which leads me to where I can also be found on the internet, I have two other sites that I am currently updating:

For all things Isaac & Lee: http://isaacandlee.moongatestudios.com/

For all things relating to writing and working on my father’s books: revjpwagner.com

And of course you can come here to look at my art…with the very occasional rant (although this year I plan to do a lot more ranting!)


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